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Safe Bathing Beaches of Cape Town

Recently, when the Cape was enjoying some really prolonged hot summer weather and thousands of people filled the beaches of Cape Town, South Africa, a man was savaged by a shark at Fish Hoek Beach. This unfortunate swimmer was savaged several times by the shark which kept returning to feed on him according to eyewitnesses; creating the most sensational reporting in the media. For many of us who grew up having watched the spectacular Stephen Spielberg movie “Jaws”; the thought of such a horror makes the blood run cold.

Should this tragedy put visitors off swimming on the beautiful beaches of Cape Town or to have a negative impact on tourism? When you are planning your holiday and choosing your Cape Town, South Africa, holiday accommodation, will you wonder if the beaches are unsafe and that your life may be threatened by an ocean predator?

False Bay abounds with sharks, especially the fearsome great white, but an abundance of prey keeps them far offshore as a rule. In spite of shark encounters having become a popular adventure tourism attraction, shark attacks on Cape Town beaches are relatively rare. Certainly this is the first attack on Fish Hoek beach in recorded history. Although there have been some 17 shark attacks off the Cape Town’s coastline since 2000, only 4 of them were fatal. Since the shark spotter program was introduced, the incidence has decreased significantly. This active shark spotter program began as a community program that started at Muizenberg beach in October 2004. The huge success of the program has shown shark spotting as an effective safety and resulted in funding being provided by WWF through the Table Mountain Fund and the City of Cape Town.

The website of the shark spotters gives the following information about their activities: Shark spotters operate daily from various beaches along the Cape Peninsula every day during the summer season, and swimmers are encouraged to use areas where shark spotters are on duty. When you choose a beach for bathing or surfing, do chose one where you are able to see the shark warning flags and note that these are:

Black Flag: Shark spotter is on duty but the visibility is poor; difficult to determine if there are sharks in the area.Shark Flag (white flag with a black shark on it): A shark is currently in the area. Swimmers are advised to stay out of the water until this flag is lowered and the siren has stopped sounding.

If these measure do not reassure the visitor, this article aims to tell something of the many lovely, walled tidal pools and protected beaches in our Bay, where both children and adults can swim and play without having to keep a wary eye out for any dangers, except perhaps too much sun, because Cape Town, South Africa, has such great summer sunshine.

Just past the popular surfing beach of Muizenberg lies the elite suburb of St James Beach which offers a large, gently sloping tidal pool which is great for children. Here you will find the brightly coloured bathing boxes that characterize so many picture postcards of Cape Town holiday destinations, and will offer you an opportunity to take great holiday snaps.

A larger, deep tidal pool for serious swimming with a smaller one for kids is found at Kalk Bay. This pool is right at the Brass Bell restaurant, famous for its sea food; both formal and casual dining options. Kalk Bay is an enticing little village with its main street lined with galleries, antique and collectible shops and restaurants with quaint Victorian shop fronts. Although there are many restaurants here, there is little more enjoyable than walking through the fishing harbour and standing in a queue with the locals waiting to be served at Kalky’s – said by some to serve the best fish and chips in Cape Town.

Traveling toward Simonstown and Cape Point, past Fish Hoek, is something of a hidden treasure often missed by visitors, which is Glencairn beach. There is a clean sandy beach which is seldom crowded and there is a large tidal pool jutting out from the beach into the sea, making it ideal for children to play and swim in safety. Just opposite the beach you will find the Southern Right hotel where from Fluke’s restaurant you can enjoy good food and spectacular views from the deck across the bay.

The historic Naval Town which is Simonstown, has much to attract the visitor, but here you will find the remarkable safe Seaforth Beach, where a family can spend the day relaxing on the verdant green lawns from which you can look out onto the sandy beach. A little Bay is formed by a number of very large boulders which makes it as protected as if it was a tidal pool and where one can really enjoy swimming in safety. Seaforth restaurant has a reputation for serving good seafood dishes and has a position on the rocks above the water from where you can enjoy a wonderful view to accompany your food.

On the outskirts of Simon’s town on you will find Boulders Beach which has earned an international reputation as the breeding ground of a large population African penguin. This is a beach where one has to pay in order to control numbers and is one of the best and safest swimming beaches in Cape Town. It lies in a small cove and is protected from the wind and sea by giant granite boulders.

Finally, a little further on the road towards Cape point you will find Millers point which is a family friendly recreational area, it has a children’s tidal pool, and many water activities.

There is plenty of choice for extra- safe bathing places, but before you eschew the open beaches, consider the risk involved in swimming in the domain of the shark. Almost every day one gets into a car, and seldom thinks about the risk, yet you are far more likely to be involved in a motoring accident, or even one in your shower at home, than a shark attack. According to the Internet, these are the odds:

Chance of dying from a car accident: 1 in 18,585
Odds of fatally slipping in bath or shower: 1 in 2,232
Chance of dying from a shark attack: 1 in 3 million

Enjoy our beautiful Cape Town beaches – and don’t even contemplate the 3 million to one odds that your day might be spoiled!

Remember too that all of these beaches are conveniently situated to Horizon Holiday Cottages, Noordhoek where one can find affordable Cape Town holiday accommodation.

Cape Town Travel Safety Tips

Cape Town is as safe as any other large metropolitan area as long as visitors use their heads and follow a couple of basic Cape Town safety travel tips.

Hotspots have been identified and security beefed up with a successful partnership between the city, Cape Town accommodation establishments, business and other interested parties. CCTV cameras have been erected to monitor dodgy areas and there is a strong security presence on the streets, with both foot patrols and mounted policemen.

Travel safety do’s and don’ts

To ensure your travel safety, do not walk around the city and surrounds with large amounts of cash and other valuables on you. Keep cameras, mobile phones and other equipment out of sight and make sure you have made copies of crucial legal documents to stow in a safe place.

Avoid walking alone, especially after dark, in lonely and poorly lit areas and be aware that there are some areas of the city that are best avoided. Ask the advice of your Cape Town luxury apartment concierge or pop in at a Cape Town tourism office for more information.

If travelling by car, ensure your doors are locked and windows closed and do not leave valuables exposed, rather lock them in the boot. Be aware that car hijackings do occur, so be careful and observant at traffic lights or stop streets. Do not pick up hitch hikers.

Street scams

Remember there are predators on the streets, so avoid assistance at an ATM and do not fall prey to popular street scams which include:

  • ‘Foreigners’ asking for taxi fare to an important meeting as they’ve locked their keys in the car and only have foreign currency on them.
  • Kids carrying letters asking for financial contributions for their education.
  • People claiming they needed money to get to hospital.

Although the city has a plan in place to assist street kids and beggars, there are still many of them on the streets. Please do not give them money; it’ll simply feed either a drug or alcohol habit. Rather donate funds to the vast array of NGO’s and government agencies dealing with the problem.

World Cup security

Many of Cape Town’s premier tourist attractions, including the V&A Waterfront, have their own private security. Both the South African Police Force and the South African Defence Force will be on full alert during the World Cup, with over 41 000 officers and reservists deployed to protect and safeguard visitors.

Cape Town travel emergency numbers

Please make a note of the following emergency numbers:

  • 112 – for all emergencies from your mobile phone
  • 107 – for all emergencies from a landline
  • 10111 – Western Cape South African Police Services Flying Squad
  • 10177 – Western Cape Ambulance service
  • 107 – Western Cape Fire Brigade
  • +27 21 418 2853 – Western Cape Tourist Police

Taylors House Agents in St. Neots Guide You on Buying a First Home

Without a doubt, purchasing your first home is an exciting experience. However, the moment presents first time home buyers with a number of challenges like not knowing which way to go when looking for the right home that is worthy a lifetime of saving. Although there are temptations of sticking to the first home you find, it is wise to take a step backward and think before you finally make that payment. It is essential to find a house agent to help you make the best home buying decision. If you are in St. Neots and are looking to buy your first home, Taylors house agents in St. Neots will help you through the entire process from identifying the house to making your payment. Here are a few considerations you should never ignore:

This is, perhaps, the first consideration any prospective home buyer should make before thinking of buying a home. Look at your financial situation to determine if you are in a position to buy the home. For people who want to own a home and don’t have ready cash, mortgage companies can help finance their home buying plans.

The cost of a home is more than just what you put down for the mortgage. They include moving costs and furnishing the home, and these things can be demanding. Accounting for these costs alongside utility bills can help you come up with an estimate of the overall cost of your new home.

You can find old or new real estates, and the choice of which one to buy depends on your budget and your preferences. Renovation and repair costs can present you with serious financial challenges, so make certain you have the money to fund your home improvement project if you choose to buy an old home. If you cannot afford renovation expenses and still don’t have enough money to buy a new home, you may want to wait a bit before you buy your home.

Not every prospective home buyer has the same goals. Even as you shop around for a home, make sure to tie your goals with your financial position. While everybody may wish to own a house in posh and serene environments, it is not always possible because of limited finances. Calculate your debt to income ratio to determine if you are capable of paying your future mortgage loan.

Discover the Home You Desire

Should you be interested in acquiring or maybe renting a property, you will wish to work together with one of the top real estate companies in the neighborhood you wish to relocate to. It usually is challenging to look around for homes in a region faraway from your house, so the can help you find the perfect house.

If you’re moving to a completely brand new city, odds are you aren’t going to have any time to visit there quite often in between continuing to work, running a household and packing up for the relocate. As an alternative, you’re going to want somebody who will assist you to choose the best home to be able to invest in or perhaps lease in the brand new location. When you utilize a realtor, you’ll have someone who is in the new region and who will carry out all of the effort and hard work for you personally. They’ll look for properties that suit things you need and your spending budget, and they’re going to compile a list for you. When you’ve chosen one you prefer, they’re going to help you with all of the forms essential to purchase or even rent your brand new house.

You don’t need to do all of it all on your own if you are looking to move to a new house. Phone a real estate broker in the neighborhood you are relocating to, and allow them to do the hard work for you personally. They will be absolutely sure you get the home you are looking for.

Obtaining a Second Mortgage Loan in the UK

Do you want to invest in a second home? Is your idea to purchase a house intended for leisure reasons or possibly would you like to rent it out to other people? One important thing you might find as you go along to obtain a second home loan is you need to know just what the residence is to be employed for. Financial investment properties typically require a buy to let mortgage loan, yet there are constraints on these mortgages. You are unable to live in the house yourself and must let for a minimum of half a year at any given time. If you’d like to utilize the property or home yourself, another residential mortgage loan is needed. This includes a more stringent appraisal of creditworthiness as well as a bigger down payment. Other options consist of vacation rental properties as well as overseas real estate. Talk with an estate agent today to discover what sort of home loan you need for the purpose you plan to use the home for. Any time you send out an inquiry to a real estate representative, his response needs to be very quick. The more you have before you proceed on the journey for a vacation home, the less complicated it will be to find the residences which in turn suit your needs. Make sure you question things. The real estate representative is there to help and ensure you recognize what exactly you need with regards to your distinctive circumstances.

Using A Real Estate Professional Can Help You Save Time

There are plenty of properties available on the market right now. Chances are, there’s quite a few which might be great for you. Yet, considering the number of properties offered, it takes a large amount of time to actually find the perfect house.

Rather than trying to find a property by yourself, it will save you quite a bit of time by simply working with a real estate professional. The first conference with the real estate professional should be to look at precisely what you’re looking for. You are going to discuss your budget as well as what you’ll need in a house, like the measurements or even location. After that, your real estate agent starts attempting to help you find the perfect property. You’ll not have to do this work alone, which may conserve a lot of time. In addition, real estate agents are extremely skilled and can even sort through the particular listings faster than you may be capable of. Therefore it will not take as long for the perfect home to be discovered.

If you’re ready to look for a brand new home and you prefer to be sure you locate the best one swiftly, make sure you work with a real estate agent. You are able to obtain the full details and learn more whenever you browse his explanation today.

What are Your Options if You Have Been Bitten By a Dog?

Have you ever been attacked by a vicious dog? If so, are you unsure of what your rights are in holding the dog’s owner accountable? Some dogs, if not properly trained, can be vicious, and will attack strangers. If this has happened to you, it is important that you understand your rights and the law when it comes to being bitten by a dog. If found that the owner was negligent, the owner should be held responsible for any damages that are incurred. This article will discuss what your rights are and what laws are out there for your protection.

First and foremost, it is important for you to understand the law when it comes to your rights and being bitten by a dog. If you are legally on the dog owner’s property, and the dog attacks or bites you, regardless if there is a history of the dog being vicious or not, then the owner of the dog should be held responsible for any personal injury damages. If, however, it has been deemed that the dog was provoked due to negligence on the part of the person who was bitten (such as the dog was being hit, tortured, or otherwise abused), then the owner’s responsibility diminishes. With the exception of children under the age of six years old, the owner is not responsible for any damages if there is ample signage warning that there is a bad dog, or any dog for that matter, on the premises. That kind of warning is sufficient enough to deem the person who was injured responsible because they were warned beforehand,

Finally, it is clear that the laws regarding your protection against a vicious animal are pretty clear cut. If you are on the property legally and the dog attacks and is unprovoked, then the dog’s owner is responsible. If you provoked the animal, then the owner’s responsibility will be heavily diminished if there is any responsibility on their end at all. If you’ve been bitten and injured by a canine in Boca Raton, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately and that you know your rights and responsibilities.

Low-cost Pennsylvania automobile insurance rates advice

PA car insuranceIn this auto insurance quotes we list the most effective twelve ideas to help save and reduce your vehicle insurance premiums. Providers of auto insurance provide a useful service nevertheless it doesn’t make sense at all to cover any longer than you truly need to.

Needless to say auto insurance in Pittsburgh car insurance is legally required in all countries. The consequences are severe if you have any sort of accident without the right car and motor insurance and achieving caught from the police without valid insurance is very bad, you may be jailed or at least fined heavily.

Fortunately that although motor insurance premiums can be costly there are ways of bringing your premiums down without breaking regulations.

Do know that you must not necessarily select the lowest motor insurance quote in price alone – so make sure you guarantee the premium gives you the coverage you require otherwise the insurance policy and premiums certainly are a waste of income if when it comes to a claim you are not fully covered.

Please also don’t let yourself be tempted to provide false facts about your car insurance application in order to try lessen your premiums since the insurance company can invalidate your policy if you have lied or provided false information and also you could become prone to costly counter-claims from the other party involved with an auto accident.

Tip 1 – Shop Around

Spend a small amount of time researching the various car insurance companies and brokers – making a few telephone calls and sending a few emails can help you save literally hundreds in only twelve months.

Internet-only auto insurance companies often have the best premiums because they have lower overheads compared to the bigger companies with large offices and workers.

Exactly How Buyers May Benefit From A Foreclosure

Lots of foreclosures happen to be developing for house owners across the country. Although a foreclosure is often a genuinely regrettable experience, these kind of finance accidents are often beneficial for real estate investors. Wherever there’s some sort of home foreclosure there exists a real estate investor planning to make a profit. People tend to be looking for repossessed homes for sale.

For any buyer, purchasing a foreclosed family home is usually terrific as these households tend to be far more inexpensive than the others. The actual banking institutions that acquire a lot of these properties wish to acquire newer owners right away. That said, several of these organizations are going to sell off their houses for a lot less compared to what they are actually worth. A good opportunist may possibly be required to pay only a part of what they would put up for a new family home.

Investors can visit the particular web link in this article so as to discover more information about getting foreclosed homes. Once more, a lot of family homes confront a foreclosed property every year. Usually, the actual homeowners of these kinds of family homes choose to re-locate than pay the particular amount of money they must pay back. That being said, banking institutions are always searching for investors happy to offer a decent amount of money. There are many family homes facing property foreclosure locally. Look online to search out lenders searching for brand new owners.